I just wanted to let you know that we are so blessed and thankful to have Finley in our life! He is perfect and we appreciate all of the time you volunteer to give these dogs the life that they deserve! You can rest assured that he is spoiled! He is very well behaved- learned how to sit in one day! He loves car rides, he just sleeps in the passenger seat and furthermore he LOVES people & dogs. Anytime he sees a person or dog he sits, and patiently waits for them to come to him- its adorable and many people have commented on how well behaved he is!  

He likes his crate and 90% of the time falls right asleep. He gets plenty of energy and also loves his sleep. Yesterday he experienced water for the first time… he was a little apprehensive he would raise his back paws not sure if he could completely trust the new substance but shortly got the hang of it and was already fetching sticks and bringing them back to me!

He has puppy training once a week at Petco and we socialize him as much as possible. He does great with other dogs- loves running around and is very submissive, he likes to roll around on his back haha. We tell people about your organization as much as possible and encourage others to rescue!

Thank you for all that you have done, he truly completes us! We couldn’t be happier! I have attached some photos!

—   Sincerely, Kate & Steven

Last Chance Arkansas


PO Box 242703 Little Rock, AR, 72223


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